Summary So Far

Welcome to the Ionia page. At the point of this post, here is everything that has happened:
Hex Ajanus, K3LLiR, and Jack all arrived at the Daedalus tavern. As they were having a talk, they saw a cloaked man have a conversation with the bartender. The Cloaked Man got away from them and they were given free drinks.
Next, SInca the Dwarf asked them if they could escort her across Spider Woods. Petro declined for Sinca didn’t give him any money and Hex eventually joined the mafia.
Hex went to break into Sinca’s cousin (Arvol)‘s house in Mars and is killed by Arvol.
Meanwhile, the other team reaches Mars through Spider Woods.
A party is then thrown for Petro’s death, which the heroes attend. They find the Cloaked Father there and learn how to teleport.
Meanwhile, Petro Ajanus, Hex’s son, comes to Mars at the news of his father’s death. He is immediately arrested on behalf of his father.
Eventually, the party rescues him and he learns how to teleport. At this point, Jackal Bower comes to Mars on a mafia internship.
After the fake hanging of Petro, another party is thrown for Petro’s death. Jackal proceeds to steal many a valuable item from the castle and sells them. At this point, the party tries to infiltrate mafia HQ and Petro is captured and tortured. He is returned to the party and Jackal is taken for questioning. He tells Ace, the lead policewoman, that the mafia is planning to attack from Jupiter in the East. He then tells the mafia to attack from Saturn in the West. This results in the Great Fire of Mars and the heroes run away. They all find out about the Wind Ring dungeon which collapses behind them. Another dungeon is built which they are currently in now.

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